Sunday, December 8, 2013

Karma and the Pesky Brother

Last night I was trying out new dance moves. Kuya wouldn't dance, but wouldn't stop being a pest either! Then Karma caught up with my dear brother.

Here is the full version with my moves:

Here is the blooper version with Kuya getting his:

Monday, November 11, 2013

My first design!

I finally finished my first t-shirt design! I'm super excited about seeing how everything turns out. Here is an image of the first design. Hopefully I'll have some links to the actual clothes and other accessories soon.

Let me know what you think! Clicking on the image will show you a larger version.

Monday, June 10, 2013

still friends...some of the time

My dad's phone started making these .gif animations without him knowing about it. Now that he's seen them, he wants to make more, but he doesn't know how. At this rate, dad won't catch up with technology unless we hit the end of times.

This is Kuya and me at the park near our new house in Denver. Usually we're still best friends, but we fight more and more all of the time.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

What's rockin', Alexa? (part 4)

Alexa discovered her most recent favorite song in the usual place, our truck. I was only half paying attention because of a daydream when Alexa started the familiar refrain, "again!" The kids don't really understand radio since we don't play it too often. She is so used to being able to replay or skip any song, that Alexa wouldn't believe me when I told her that you can't rewind the radio. This sounded like a typical excuse that I make up when I don't want to fulfill one of her demands, so Alexa upgraded her request to a harangue. Finally, after promising that we'd find it on the computer when we got home, she relented.

At home, Alexa ran to the computer to oversee the execution of my promise. I didn't really know what we were looking for, so Alexa told me that the name was "Hello My Ode Heart," which we adjusted to "Hello My Old Heart" and found our match. Alexa's right, the song is fantastic. Unbelievably for a song this great, there aren't any performance videos available, so I'm including an audio-only version.  

Here is a downloadable version:

band website:

When Alexa was 2, I found her hiding in her bedroom with the sugar bowl and a spoon. That may have been the beginning of her love affair with all things sweet. Lex watches YouTube videos on cake decorating for hours, dreaming about making and eating all kinds of fabulous treats. Since moving to Colorado, Alexa and her mom have been practicing their baking. In this photo, Alexa shows off the cupcakes that she made for me right before SHE ate them. This is the standard ploy: Alexa begs to make cookies, cupcakes, or cake for some beloved family member, neighbor, or other deserving soul. Once she gets the OK, the treats are somehow gone before the intended recipient finds out about their gift. 

Friday, March 29, 2013

What's rockin', Alexa? (part 3)

Alexa saw Christopher's post and insisted that she didn't only like wok n' woll. For Alexa, wok n' woll is narrowly defined as music that you play very loud and jump around a lot while it's playing. So today, we searched for a song that Alexa liked that was 'same Kuya.'

As soon as 'Ho Hey,' by Denver's own Lumineers came on, we had a winner. While I was in Denver and the kids still lived in the Philippines, the song always made me heartsick from missing them; it's nice to enjoy it in better circumstances. When we got home from our drive and looked for the video, Alexa decided that we needed to get hats and confetti and go to a show like the one in the video. I hope that I get invited when she finally pulls it off.

The first video is the original by the Lumineers, followed by a cover of 'Ho Hey' by the Overtones that we found during our hunt. The Overtones are a new discovery for me; I think that we may have found Christopher's next entry while we watched some of their other videos.

Before all of that, a photo of my two favorite people, taken on our spacious outdoor area in Denver.

The Lumineers.
band site:
The Lumineers

The Overtones.
The Overtones

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What's rockin', Alexa? (part 2)

Last weekend, Kuya, Dad, and I drove to the store to buy a charger for our tablets. On the way there we were going to rock out, but Dad kept playing songs that weren't my favorite. He tried many, many songs, and I didn't like them all. Then, finally, the Foo Fighters came on with my favorite songs. "Come Alive" by my most-favorite band is the one that I made him play over and over very loud.

Dad told me that he played Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace all of the time when I was getting ready to be born, and that this song still reminds him of me. It should remind him of me since it is my favorite song this week and favorite band ever!

First is a photo of my great new sunglasses and my favorite drink--a starbucks drink that I stole from my mom.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

What's rockin', Alexa?

Alexa's favorite song to rock out to this week was 'End Over End' by the Foo Fighters. She requested it over and over again on a recent trip to pick up Chinese food, which she refused to eat. At least Lex got to rock out. Coming in a close second place was 'Runnin' with the Devil' by Van Halen. We're just about ready to put the band together.